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"Simple" Available NOW

Today is the day! So excited to share this album with you!


Simple is more to me than just the title of this record & tour. It's the filter I've been striving to live my entire life through. It's putting down the iPhone, closing the computer, turning off the TV and just sitting still. Distractions can be very convincing and they have a way of making me believe that they're more important than having a conversation with a human being. The process of making this record has really helped me to focus my time on the important things in life like relationships, great food, a walk with Mae (my pup), a good book hang by the fire or just sitting in silence. Even right now in this moment I can hear a train whistle blowing in the distance. I doubt I'd be able to hear that beautiful sound over a voice on the tube. It's amazing how much peace I've found in intentionally simplifying my life.

I hope you enjoy! You can get 'Simple' HERE!

Here's a behind the scenes from the making of 'Simple'

New Album & Spring Tour

Ever since moving to Nashville four years ago I have been touring / opening shows as "the acoustic opener"... stripped down... solo style... simple. Almost every night after loading the trailer I would climb in to my seat in the van and open up "the twitter" (as my mom calls it) to see what the fans had to say about the show. Without fail, almost every night I would get the same request... "DUDE! I bought your record at the show and its SUUUPER SWEEEEET but when are you gonna make an acoustic record?" (That must have been after a California show) This is my way of saying THANK YOU, I HEAR YOU, I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me over the years! Ask and you shall receive :-)

'Simple' - releasing January 21 - is an acoustic recording of most of the album 'Won't Let Go' plus my cover of Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" (If you never saw the video, check it out HERE)

WHY AM I SO EXCITED AND SCREAMING RIGHT NOW?!!?? Because I'm also heading out on my FIRST headlining tour and I can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces! Oh, and I'm bringing my friends of Judah & the Lion out to open the shows. You guys are going to LOVE them! See you soon! SORRY FOR SCREAMING AT YOU!!!! BUT I CANT HELP IT BECAUSE IM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Check out the TOUR page for dates and ticket links.

See you soon!

Keep it simple,


Sober Anniversary

So thankful for all of the Sober Anniversary "love" you guys sent me on Tuesday. I was truly blown away! I was reminded while reading the comments that this is a one day at a time battle. And even when I get to my 27th sober birthday it will still be a one day at a time battle.

I wanted to share a couple of the comments you posted in hopes that those of you who are struggling with addiction might be encouraged - they definitely encouraged me. We are all in this together!


"I have no clue who you are but who cares!! I have seen people very close to me struggling with addiction-- I just wanted to say WAY TO GO!!! Keep it up! It is worth it even to just see & smell & taste & feel & think normally. Wrap your mind around what your sobriety has done for those you love & your quality of life!! Love seeing this!! So amazing." -Mishel Jeffcoat

"6 years & still proud & excited, how wonderful! Remember this when you struggle- all that you would destroy. It has been 10 years for me & I am still amazed at how good life can be & how much more lovable I am; to myself. May your life hold many more wonderful things for you as you go forth- straight, sober & sane XXOO." -Mary Margaret Prescott

"I am SO proud of you Andrew! I have been there as well and there are times I can only take it a moment at a time. Those "moments" have accumulated to 27 years! Some days are easier than others! Live by example, share your strength, hope and experience with others and always take it one day at a time! Here's to another year clean my friend! Massive Love and Hugs!" -Cathi Schwegmann Groomes

And here's a great quote:

"Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it." -C. JoyBell